Social Accountability "Participatory Integrated Local Development Approach - PILDA"


change in attitude to banish the 'addiction syndrome' that has set in among the populations.

As the name suggests, PILDA is an approach whose objective is to help the population not always reach out to donors but rather to use their own strengths and income to achieve sustainable socio-economic development.

The impact of the approach in our areas of intervention in different projects is very preponderant in that:

    - It allows people to identify the needs of their community and from these it          ranks them in order of importance. After ranking in order of importance, the        needs are prioritized, that is the priority needs are those that will be              implemented first.

    - It also allows us to study the different problems faced by the local              population.

   - It allows the people of a locality to meet to put their strengths and income            for sustainable development as it takes place in the same social and              economic living conditions.

    - It allows the local government to love this population in the various              development and management projects.

   - It solves major social and economic problems for the various vulnerable              people in the locality.

In short, the local community appreciates the approach of identifying the priority needs of the population where everyone comes to the table talking about priority needs and in turn, it is the one who will implement it in the first place.
The population is also in the capacity of managing public infrastructure: small shopping centers, schools, rural pits, construction of the houses of the vulnerable.....of which he was a shareholder.