A woman who was kicked out by her husband because of financial management issues

A member of the VSLA” Dutezimbere Abana” called BIGIRIMANA Marie who has a family of seven (7) people of whom four (4) are her children including a child of her daughter whom she takes care of, she was chased away by her husband tells us about her success story before and after joining the savings and credit group. She joined the group in 2019 out of curiosity because it didn't believe in good results. She lived in an inadequate house a life of anguish and misery. She sold coal and the money she earned wasted it a lot so that she had dried up her own capital. The supplier always gave him his goods (coal) on credit and had to pay back immediately after the flow. Despite making money, she was not able to feed her family and cover her children's school fees.

"Since joining the savings and credit group I no longer waste the money I earn in my daily activities, I have adopted a saving behavior. I found that the group became more than a family. I have changed the mentality; I am able to contribute in household development. I understood that I can undertake to produce and not always depend on my husband.

Dutabarane with his project UMMU taught us the MAKING CENTS how to undertake starting with a small capital to arrive at great things.

Thanks to the loans I took, I was able to build my own capital of eight (8) bags of charcoal. Now I am able to feed my children three times a day, I can get a profit of three thousand Burundian francs per day on average.